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7 Core Christian Values Students Need to Learn

Students will spend more than half of their waking hours in school. The environment will shape who they are, how they think, and the way they see the world. So shouldn’t core Christian values be part of that experience?

Many agree that learning and practicing Christian values can improve the academic experience while helping students positively impact people and the world.

Warriors Christian Academy commits to helping students recognize and apply these values for themselves.

And we believe these seven values could transform their lives:


A steadfast faith in God is a pillar of Christianity. It’s believing in God’s goodness and provision, even though we cannot see Him. Faith makes it easier to get through life, whether that’s the unknown, hardships, or mounting academic pursuits.

A solid faith could allay your child’s fears and doubts, equipping them for the challenges that every student must navigate. And as Philippians 4:13 teaches us, faith in God can help us feel more confident about being able to get through anything.


Courage is one of the Christian values families try to teach children from an early age. It takes courage to obey the word of God in the average academic environment, especially where there may be some opposition to what people believe. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit offers guidance and support, helping students and teachers to do the right thing at all times, even when no one is watching.


Biblical wisdom encourages everyone to understand life from God’s perspective. So, teaching your child godly wisdom instead of just a pursuit of knowledge can enable sound decision-making as they move through their academic endeavors. It can also help them navigate ethical questions and opposing views with more confidence.


The Word of God encourages Christians to outdo one another in showing honor (Matthew 7:12). The academic environment is the perfect place to showcase honor in a way that’s edifying rather than jostling for position. For example, Christian educators might emphasize habits in the classroom, like listening when someone is speaking or showing kindness.


Discipleship seeks to model the life and teachings of Jesus Christ to others, an essential growth point for maturity as a believer. Through dedicated discipleship, the students also see how their lives become a beacon that teaches others about God’s unconditional love and grace.


It’s nice to experience generosity. However, it’s even better to be the one showing it to someone else. Your child practicing this value at school may also be a stepping stone for a more generous life serving the LORD one day.


Love is the greatest of all Christian values, a scarlet thread that culminated with Jesus Christ’s ultimate show of love on the cross. Learning to love might mean being kind, treating teachers with respect, or sacrificing their time to help others thrive. Teaching love from a Christian perspective is crucial at a time when the shiny bobbles vs. salvation argument is hotter than ever.

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