Shiny Bobbles vs Salvation – What is Right for Your Child?

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Parents’ Challenges for their Kids Education

Recently, our team at Warriors was used by God to lead one our parents at Warriors Christian Academy to Jesus Christ. That is a BIG deal to see a life changed! There were tears of joy shed from all. And the fruit of joy, peace, happiness and love which came from that experience is affecting her whole family. We also have watched same sex attracted, rebellious teens, turn away from that passion and trust God for His perfect plan for them in matters of intimate relationships and marriage. How does this happen? By making the choice to immerse a child in a Christian CULTURE!

Warriors Academy / Warriors Christian academy is a Christian owned, Christ centered K-12 academic school as well as a mixed martial arts academy. Our entire culture is Christian based with a Biblical worldview. We have had many children that attend WCA make the decision to invite Jesus into their heart and follow God this past year. One of these young ladies (age 10) began asking for prayer before meals and at bedtime in a home that did not have Christian parents. This really shocked mom who had noticed a positive change in her daughter’s behavior. Mom decided to come to one of our morning chapel services to see what her children were hearing and seeing. After hearing the lesson that morning the Holy Spirit went to work on her, convicting and tugging at her. The next morning she came back for Chapel Service again, and at the end prayed with us, accepting Christ on the spot. One of her concerns, which we prayed for, was that her husband would also come to know Jesus. We prayed earnestly that God would pull the husband to Him. Our team broke for 4th of July vacation. When we came back 10 days later, we found out that at the exact same time we were praying for the husband, he had been called to a job to work on an AC unit. While there, one of the ladies began sharing Jesus with him. Coincidentally (or we prefer miraculously), this lady was the wife of the pastor that was praying at WCA WITH THE WIFE at that very moment!! God ALWAYS hears our prayers. The family has now attended church several times and it is transforming the entire family in a positive, God centered way.

Let me contrast this with so many other stories that I hear on a weekly basis from conservative, Christian families. We hear stories of lost children to marxist, communist ideology, the LGBTQ movement, runaways, crime, drugs, acts of sexual perversion, rebellion against authority, stealing, sneaking out, shoplifting, dishonoring their mother / father, and ultimately families that are suffering. What do they all have in common? Public school CULTURE.

There are many, many fine conservative and Christian administrators / teachers that keep their heads down, staying in the public schools to truly help kiddos. But there are many, many more that are part of the LGBTQ, BLM, and ANTIFA movements. These are the public school leaders that parents are making a conscious choice to mold their kids, for 40+ hours a week. Personally, almost every parent of a child that used to train with us in years past that I see in the community recently, share stories of how that child is now struggling with sexual identity or political ideology. Unfortunately these are usually non- Christian families, or ones that claim the title but do not live the Christian lifestyle. It is truly sad and depressing to see what these families are having to struggle with.

Our children are being lost at an alarming rate through the public school system in our area. By lost, I mean exactly that. Kids that either never knew, or have lost faith in Christ. That means no absolute moral compass, and ultimately no salvation, and no Heaven. In a real sense, families are being ripped apart because of the culture that the parents allow their children to be immersed in. We have heard on many occasions from parents that choose to keep their children involved in the public school culture, or worse yet, remove them from a Christian culture to put them back in the public school culture. And why?? So that they can play certain sports, play certain instruments, belong to color guard, or participate in certain clubs. Most of the time, none of these things are even being used to get the kids into college. The parents just want the child to have the “experience”. In addition these are things that can be done after school or on weekends. Parents are being brainwashed by the system or bullied by their children to give up any hope of salvation through Jesus and a God led life, for shiny bobbles that will pass away and leave them empty.

Over 30 plus years I have had the same conversation with parents when their child has wanted to quit something healthy. I had it just the other day when a parent whose high school student is knee deep in transgenderism through LISD, pushed back on coming to our Christian School. Mom and dad have a faith, but decided it wasn’t worth the fight. Huh? Excuse me?? Who is the parent?? If the child wants to be lost and end up in Hell, then they would allow that decision? I asked the mother “if she woke up one day and decided she would quit eating or going to school altogether would you allow that too?” Moms answer was “no, of course not.”. Well then why would you allow this?

For the life of me, I cannot understand how someone can identify as a Christian (or conservative for that matter), then willingly and on purpose sacrifice the most precious gift that God has entrusted to them on the altar of anti-Christ ideology. The parents literally immerse them in an anti-God, sin filled culture ,and hand them over to Satan on a platter. Then the parents act shocked when years later the child is a mess spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. That may sound harsh and offensive, but I am frustrated and truly mind boggled at this pervasive and Luke warm parental Christian thinking. But love is truth, and truth is offensive sometimes.

These are YOUR KIDS and YOU are responsible for their safety and salvation. Be a good steward of what God has entrusted you with. We, as parents, will be held accountable in front of God, for the job we did with our children someday. That is real. So, when the world, evil, and ultimately Satan comes prowling down your street seeking to devour your children, maybe think twice about willfully feeding them to him. Are you really willing to give up your child’s soul to save a few bucks and a chance for an “extra curricular” sport or activity? I pray not. But that is what we see happening everyday.

There is a better way……Another option is to pray with your children, read the Bible with them, go to Church (one with solid theological doctrine ) as a family, and immerse them in Christian education. We, as Christian parents are actually called to do ALL of those things. If you do, the Holy Spirit will transform your family, your relationships together, and the trajectory of your lives will be changed forever! We at Warriors live that, and understand the challenges in creating an intentional lifestyle that honors God and His word. We are tired of hearing the stories of lost kids. The problem is not with the decisions of the children, but of the parents that refuse to lead and support their children in a Godly way. If you are one of these parents, you have no one to blame for your child’s struggles but yourself. But the good news is that you can literally change that today!

If you desire a change for your family, we are happy to talk and pray with you. Let us know how Warriors can support and serve you.

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