At Warriors Christian Academy (WCA), we strive to make God known to our students, provide solid academics, and support the two with phenomenal, real-world applicable martial arts.

In order to keep tuition as affordable as possible, WCA collaborates with our Warriors families, through parent volunteering.

If you are willing and able to volunteer, we have several volunteer positions available. Many hands make light work, especially when building God’s Kingdom. There is always something for you to help with, whether for one (1) hour or many hours.

If you are moved to be a volunteer with Warriors Christian Academy, please reach out to us either by calling us at 512-774-5425 or sending an email to wca@mywarriorsacademy.com, or email our Education Coordinator and Assistant Development Director, Mrs. Michelle Julian at mrs.julian@mywarriorsacademy.com.


Examples of what we would need parent volunteer help with:

Learning Centers Volunteer

  • Within the ACE program, many students, even within the same grade level, are at a variety of different learning levels. These booklets are called a Pace.
  • As students work independently in their Paces, they may raise a small flag at their desk or “Office” as they are called in this program.
  • When a student raises their Christian Flag, this means they need Academic Help.
  • When a student raises their American Flag, this means they have a yes or no question. They may need permission to go to the bathroom or wish to score or to test or re-test.
  • A Volunteer’s role is to serve the student as an advocate by asking questions that will help the student find the answer. Many times, the student may simply just not understand the question in their Pace.
  • After a student completes a Pace, the student will bring their Pace to the classroom Scoring Station where they will use the correlating Answer Key to score and fix their work.

Lunch Time Monitor

  • The teachers work hard all day with the children. At lunch they need a break to recharge for the afternoon. Lunch monitors keep order in the eating area during lunch, assist kiddos as they need help, and make sure that the area is clean before the lunch period is complete

After School Monitor

  • Our After School Teachers handle groups of children and if they have help it frees them up to help with accidents, children challenges, and also bathroom breaks

Admin Assistance

  • We need help greeting visitors and letting them in the door, answering phones, and assisting with children needing to buy snacks.

Janitorial Help

  • Not everyone is cut out to work with kids. Some people are excellent at maintaining a clean environment. Keeping the school clean is a HUGE job that needs doing everyday. If you can spend a couple hours a week anytime from 3:30pm – 8:00pm assisting with emptying trash, sweeping, and mopping, you would be our superhero!