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Whether you are looking for a full time, five day teacher facilitated classroom experience, or you are looking for a more flexible three or four day educational experience, Warriors Christian Academy has the right fit for your student.

  • Our full-time teacher-led model offers the complete full-week educational experience with a classically-flavored Christian curriculum facilitated by committed, caring Christian teachers and support staff. Currently only available at our Cedar Park location.
  • The Hybrid University Schedule through our ACE curriculum allows more flexibility while still providing an individualized learning program. This option affords families an opportunity to take part in their students’ education, spend more time with them, and even travel more.

Curriculum availability varies by location and schedule. Please contact the Admissions Director for details.


  • PRAYER & BIBLE INSTRUCTION: Starting every day with age appropriate and relevant bible lessons shapes our childrens’ moral and ethical worldview. We convene for chapel to start the day on a positive note and set standards by teaching values such as virtue, honor, respect, love, self-discipline, work ethic, and many more conduct standards that are slipping away in today’s culture. As teachable moments occur throughout the day, value lessons are used to remind and guide the children in their ongoing character development. By teaching prayer strategies and biblical meditation, our students learn how to focus their thoughts on daily priorities and push away distractions.
  • HISTORY: Warriors Christian Academy focuses on biblical, American, and international history. Worldview is largely shaped by history and interpretation of current events. It is critical that the lessons instilled in the next generation honor the values and ideals of American exceptionalism, European classical culture, and the solid morals of our nation’s founding principles.
  • MATH & SCIENCE: A strong base in mathematics and science gives students a significant advantage in life. To be abundantly clear: “common core” or any iteration of this math style is not part of Warriors Christian Academy curriculum. Math and science are taught using traditional methodology and investigative methods in order to develop transferable skills including: inquiry, reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving. Warriors Christian Academy’s goal is to inspire our students in their scientific study of the world around them.
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: A strong language foundation is vital to a student’s academic growth. Reading and writing are the primary building blocks in language arts, and these critical skills transfer over to all other subjects as well. Our curriculum enables students to learn at their own pace, continually adding to prior learning. Childhood foreign language exposure has a positive impact across all learning throughout their lives. Warriors Christian Academy focuses on English and Japanese during Martial Arts classes, with exposure to American Sign Language in our after school program and early elementary school classes.
  • ETIQUETTE & MANNERS: Today’s society has failed our children in the teaching of manners and common courtesy. So rarely do we hear the basic “please,” “thank you” and “sir/ma’am.” It is a forgotten art. Manners should be the standard, and Warriors Christian Academy is pushing back on the rude culture of our day by teaching our children how to effectively communicate, use proper body language, and to make eye contact to show confidence. This instruction primarily takes place in Martial Arts, and transfers over to every day use in the classroom. We teach etiquette and manners for every situation: being at home, visiting another home, suitable table manners, public interactions, and even international standards. Ensuring that our students understand how to conduct themselves with class, grace and dignity is among our primary goals.
  • PHYSICAL DISCIPLINES: Our areas of focus are carefully chosen, not only for their complementary physical traits, but also for transferability to life skills. Mixed martial arts teaches respect, discipline, and self-defense, while at the same time developing strength, flexibility, balance, and body control. Additional training in sparring and grappling sharpens quick thinking, creativity, core strength, and body control. If you want to know more about Martial Arts, check out our Martial Arts curriculum explanation here

Check out an in depth ACE curriculum explanation here.

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University model programs are available only with our ACE curriculum. Our integrated classroom-led curriculum requires a 5-day program and availability varies by location.

Additional Opportunities

  • Before Care
  • After School Program
  • Martial Arts Instructor Training
  • Summer Academy
  • Warriors Leadership Program