Covid and the Loss of Freedoms in Sports and at School

During this incredibly trying time with the pandemic, parents are really struggling to deal with the challenges that Covid and government guidelines have caused for their kids.

First, ALL people both big and small have been severely impacted by Covid. People have lost their jobs, gotten ill, suffer from depression and substance abuse, lost their homes and jobs, are forced to wear face suffocators in the most ridiculous scenarios, and comply with forced social shaming, and that is just the adults.

Our poor kiddos are experiencing a world of fear, social programming, stressed parents, and changes in school scheduling that is difficult. So what do we do as families? On one side you have science, beliefs, and politics that seem extremely convincing, and on the other side you have science, beliefs, and politics that seem extremely convincing. This is not the USA that I grew up in. Everything is so divided, and hate has become the norm. Will we ever go back to a country that can respect one another? I hope so.

But in the meantime, what options do we have for our children to keep them safe, as well as physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually prepared for whatever may come?

Martial arts is a phenomenal way to empower our kiddos during this dark time. It gives them a powerful outlet for pent up energy. A martial arts “outlet” takes that energy and guides it onto a path of personal development. Martial arts students become physically accomplished, mentally sharp, morally strong, and spiritually connected.

A martial arts school is one of the only places in society where we have people from all walks of life training together, making each other better, all with the same goals in common. In a world filled with hate, confusion, and misinformation, the martial arts school and the church seem to be two of the only places left with a positive message, solid moral teachings, and a place that hope and confidence can still be found.